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    Do We Really Need Engagement Photos?

     Don’t miss out on a once and lifetime opportunity.

    You have been asked to share your life with your best friend, and you said “YES”. So now its official your engaged and here are the important reasons why should have engagement photos. Like most people you likely have never had your photo taken by a professional photographer.

    Engagement photos are a great service you and fiancé can take fall advantage of before your marriage. As couple you might feel engagement photos aren’t necessary or just a waste of time. But there are countless benefits to having engagement photos when you use this opportunity to having beautiful engagement photos and here are the reasons why.

    It’s the ideal way to get to know me as your photographer.

    When you chose me to be your wedding professional photographer, and after our first meeting we will set a date for your engagement session.

    It's easier take them early in the wedding planning stage rather than later. In the later stages of planning your wedding you’ll be stressed and be in full-on wedding planning mode. Having me to take your engagement photographs before your wedding, you will be more relaxed and confident because you will realise that having your photo taken is a lot of fun. Your new-found camera confidence will make a massive difference to your wedding and the outcome of your photos.

    I will spend an hour or two getting to know you as a twosome during your engagement session. I take the time to listen to the both of you. All through our time together, I will discover what makes you feel comfortable, how you relate to each other. I will be learning as much as I can about you as a couple. I'll take note of how you interact with each other, your individual personalities and even some of your quirks. The time together will help me to get know who you are and capture those special moments on the wedding day that are unique to just the two of you. Throughout your engagement session, you will be having fun while being photographed as a couple.

    This time of your life is so busy it can be an opportunity to reconnect.

    Try to have your engagement photos taken at a location that means something to the two of you as a couple.

    This could be the place where you spend time together like a favourite camping spot or the café where you had your first coffee together, or it could be somewhere you both like to hang out or where you share your hobbies. Activities that reflect who you are as a couple. Think about your hometowns, the University where you met, a favourite restaurant or bar, a movie theatre or even your own home. Choose a spot and where your images will mean more to you than if your photographer took you to the park. You will feel more relaxed in an environment you have been to before. It could be the very location where you got engaged.

    If you’re thinking of proposing, plan in advance and I can be there and photograph your actual proposal and capture that very special that once in a life time moment.

    You'll get to see how good you look when you are professionally photographed.

    This is a big tip. The best part of seeing engagement pics before saying "I do" is we can discover your best angles and how to use the light. Knowing ahead of time with what you don't feel comfortable with, and you can let me know the shots you love. Remember, communication is key to getting photos you will love.

    Pro Tip: Try to have your hair and makeup with the hairdresser and makeup artist that you have booked for your wedding and you can use it as a trial done on the same day as your engagement session. If you have a trail, you get to see how it looks in photos and can make changes with your makeup artist. When you look great you will feel fabulous and the self-assurance will show in your photos.

    Once you see your engagement images you'll have more confidence in yourselves and me as a photographer. On wedding day you’ll be excited about them you can relax because you’ll know ‘I’ve got this’ and your wedding photos will be stunning. When the time comes to tie the knot, instead of dreading having your photo been taken, you will be fully self-confident because you have prepared, and you'll look forward to having your pictures taken.

    Couples are always surprised how easy to pose in photos. It’s not rocket science, but some of the most fun you’ll have on your special day.  

    You'll have great photos to use for engagement party invitations.  

    After your engagement images have been delivered, the list of things you can do with them is endless. They can be given as Christmas cards or birthday presents or just say thank your gifts to family (your parents, and especially your grandparents, would love a copy). You can also order an album to make a pigeon pair with your wedding album. Your engagement photos will be just as special to you as your wedding photos.

    Your engagement photographs make great wall art that you can hang in your home. Of course, you can post them all over social media where you can share the pictures that capture just how much you love each other with your friends, family and the rest of the world. Wedding program covers are also ideal for your engagement shots.

    Whatever you choose to do with your engagement photos, or which setting you chose, when we go out to do your photos we will, get creative and have lots of fun. The benefits are almost endless.

    I have a network of vendors, if you have any questions or if I can recommend a vendor, anything I can do to make your wedding a huge success I am always happy to help you focus on the real reason you're getting married —spending the rest of your life with your best friend.

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    Have you thought about a night time wedding or engagement photography shoot?

    Have you thought about a night time wedding or engagement photography shoot? 

    Can you create awesome engagement or wedding photography in Toowoomba? Do you know an easy way to add some flair to your engagement?  Having your wedding or engagement photos taken at night. A night time photo session will add flare and romance to your photos. Having your wedding or engagement photos at night we will create dramatic scenes using street lighting. Why not have your engagement in Toowoomba at night? Let me share some magical moments.

    These are tips to achieving photos that will get your awesome wedding or engagement photos. 

    When I’m photographing you, I have a clear idea in my head.

    In the olden days, a photographer and the bride and groom we had to wait for the actual film to be developed. Then we could view the images. Now with digital photography, I can quickly shoot unique photos that reflect who you and your fiancé’s love for each other. Together we can instantly view your photos and it make refinements until we create the photo that has truly represents who you are as a couple. Viewing your photos is very helpful for night time engagement photos. Toowoomba has lots of different possibilities and locations to make beautiful images. Trust me I’ve got this; your photos will be classic and timeless.  

    Please be patient and keep an open mind when doing night time wedding or engagement photos, because I will take the upmost care to produce your breathtaking photos. Digital DSLR cameras have long shutter speeds which makes it possible to create tricky lighting. Sometimes you will have to hold your pose for long periods of time to avoid blurry images, but when you see your photos you will appreciate the time it took in holding each pose. These photos will be special, something that you won’t find anywhere else.

    Lighting is everything in night time wedding or engagement photos.

    Day time engagement photos have the advantage of natural light from the sun. Cloudy skies can be incredible in photos, the clouds soften daylight in your photos and the light becomes softer and pretty. But when the sun goes down and there is little to no available light, speed lights or off camera flash will come become the big part of your photos and your images will have an edge.

    It’s ironic that the lack of light will create the drama and the exquisiteness in your night time wedding or engagement photos. As your photos will be taking place at night and there will be far less natural light than during the day and the light I create will be stronger and have a more creative impact. The light from streetlamps, buildings, advertising signs and will make your wedding or engagement photos gives your photos atmosphere and a cinematic quality. The camera flashes will illuminate you making you, and the love and adoration you share for one another, the focus. This perfect lighting is key for creating such spectacular photos!

    Busy places during the day become empty at night.

    When wedding or engagement photo sessions that takes place during the day, locations are busy, full of people, and I am l often trying to avoid other people going about their day or photo bombers, but when I take photos at night, this is a totally different story. Public places are empty at night giving us privacy and the ability to do as we please and make stunning photos. The light available in the evening allows for more drama and beauty that can’t be created during the day.

    I am always encouraging Toowoomba brides and grooms not to shy away from allowing the moving cars in the background they can make pretty light trails. When we choose the right location, you will get different activity happening at night than you will during the day, so use this to your advantage. Moving people and cars in the background combined with streetlights will create chic blurred effects that will look extraordinary in your images.

    Whether you decide to do all your engagement photos at night or just get a few photos done to add to your collection, I would love to help you create some amazing memories today! Be sure to check out my and connect with me on Facebook, Instagram. If you wold to talk to me call on 0411 323 814 or email

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    Why Bad Weather Can Mean Awesome Wedding Photos.

    Why Bad Weather Can Mean Awesome Wedding Photos.

    Toowoomba’s Bad Weather Equals High Impact  Photos Wedding or Formal Photos.

    I haven't met a bride who isn't terrified of bad weather. On there wedding day she will look out the window and wish that the bad weather would just go away for their wedding day. I’m sure even a farmer’s wife hopes for a sunny day for their daughter’s wedding. But Toowoomba’s bad weather is so good is so good for dramatic and cool wedding and formal photos. You will get some fantastic wedding photographs. They will be your photos, they will be unique and no one else will have photos like yours. As a photographer rainy, windy, stormy day 
    don’t stifle my photographic ambitions. I get inspired because I have to think on my feet and push self to try new locations and new techniques and overcome problems that only bad weather can offer.   Here are few reasons why Toowoomba’s bad weather isn’t not all doom and gloom for wedding or formal photos.

    The things that keep most brides cry on their wedding day but bad weather days are the very things that make me more creative as a photographer heading for the great outdoors. The bad weather on your wedding or form can be the best time for wedding photography we will capture something memorable.

    Let’s look these reasons I appreciate bad weather for weddings or formal, and what they can offer you for your wedding photographs that get that will always be talked about for many years to come.

    ·         Toowoomba has lots of space so we can use dark and unpredictable clouds

    ·         Toowoomba’s windy days

    ·         I we are aren’t in a drought Toowoomba’s rainy and drizzly days

    ·         Toowoomba’s famous fog.

    Clouds in the background makes for very dramatic wedding photos.

    Toowoomba’s big skies with big clouds that can be brooding, moody and sinister is a great backdrop for photographing many of Toowoomba’s old buildings, new development in the CBD, and the many trees in Toowoomba. While we are out in the storm, I like to photograph the bride or groom with just the clouds and create a “cloud bank” of wedding. Clear blue skies are beautiful in photos, but dramatic clouds will make your wedding photos stunning.

    Toowoomba is on a mountain with low hanging clouds can add a really mysterious quality to your wedding images. Black and white wedding photos is a great way to take advantage of clouds. I can use photoshop tricks to accentuate the various layers of the cloud formations to add even more drama to your wedding images.


    Toowoomba is renowned for its windy days. But they could provide you with excellent motion for long exposure wedding photos – tall grasses flowing like waves, tress swaying wildly, leaves trembling and dancing full of motion. Waves on lakes become whitecaps Even the waterfall at Picnic

    Long exposure wedding photos will have a high impact, and when the wind is
    blowing, things are moving. Capture this in a single frame and you have an instant “wow” shot.


    Rain is awesome for artistic and creative wedding photos.

    Don’t stress too much when it’s wet outside, colours become deeper, richer and more saturated. It will provide you with a way to achieve most gorgeous and you will look at the great outdoors in a “different light.”  When you see overcast days the colours can appear to be lifeless. But add some rain and the colours become more vibrant and your wedding dress will really pop!

    Rainy day wedding photography gives us hundreds of ideas for creative artistic photos using reflections and ripples in puddles. A wet rainy wedding day gives me the chance to use rain streaks on windows as art effects to make high impact abstract images.


    A Foggy wedding day will make your wedding photos moody and high impact scenic shots, great for telling your story.  I especially like fog photography because it adds an instant pastel effect to your images, which can make for stunning fine art photography ideal for timeless wall art.


    If you’ve endured the rain and the wet, chances are you’ll be rewarded handsomely for your efforts and patience.  We would of have captured some rare and uncommon moments that most wedding couples never attempt. You have the beautiful wedding dress a very handsome groom, you’re outdoors, you will have a great time because you together on wedding day. In amongst all those dramatic bad weather photographs you capture, you will find something truly wondrous.

    You can check out the slide show just click HERE

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    Hi, Thanks for reading my blog. Normally I write about the couple why they chose the location and things we talked about during the shoot. But this post is about what to wear to the engagement photography session. This is the most commonly asked question. 

     So you are wondering what you should wear at your engagement photos? I even have brides send me photos of their outfits to help them choose. Lucky I was a hairdresser and I have an interest in fashion. The couples I photograph in and around Toowoomba   spend plenty of time planning what they will wear do they use the photos for their engagement and their save-the-dates invites. They also use their photos for wall art for their first house. Before you hit the local shopping centre, keep in mind these tips from stylists and my fellow photographers on what to wear for your engagement shoot.

    Wear The Clothes That Make You Feel Like The Most Confident

    Feeling confident will come across in your photos. Be realistic don’t pull out a formal dress or ball gown if you're a T-shirt and jeans kind of person. You should feel comfortable in the outfit you choose. You should feel like yourself, and be your best self. If couples choose clothes that are extremely outside their level of comfort. They will make feel uncomfortable, less confident and feel awkward in photos, which isn't good for anyone.

    Please Don't Match

    Complementing each other’s look is one thing. But "matching” outfits means you’re a 80’s refugee and just a nightmare. We have all seen those photos Please don’t make do them they are just plain awful. When deciding what you and your partner will wear, look for complementary colours and solid prints. Stay away from anything too busy, as it can be an unnecessary distraction in photos.

    Stay away from FLURO colours

    You'll want to avoid Fluro colours, lest you look like a neon sign. Orange is the least photogenic colour, while red is the colour your eye is drawn to immediately—and you don't want your outfit be the focus of your photograph. Your faces and the love between you should stand out. Consider wearing pastels, cool colours, or neutral tones, then add a pop of colour with your accessories.

     Have at Least One Accessory

    Accessories, such as a stylish scarf or chunky necklace, can add a serious "wow" factor no matter what you're wearing. Plus, they're easy to slip on and off, which means you'll have a variety of looks with a single outfit. "Adding in at least one accessory per outfit for the ladies and wearing layers of clothing for the guys are two things that photograph well because it adds more visual interest to your look.

    Choose Classic Rather Than On Point Trendy Looks

    You may love your new black-and-white maxidress now, but in year or two but 20 years you will look at your picture a referee or jailbird. You want to have a look that is effortless, not like you're trying too hard.

    Stick With Two Outfits

    Don't treat your engagement session as a fashion photo shoot. You will  have a million wedding day photos where you're looking gorgeous. But your engagement photos are the pictures where you get to remember who you when it's only the two of you! The last time you will be photographed as individuals. One outfit is more than enough to reflect who you are as a couple, and having only one outfit insures you won't spend your entire engagement session in a rushing back to the cat to change into the next set of clothes.

    Flatter Your Body Type

    Choose clothing looks that fits properly and accentuates your assets. "When a stylist is selecting outfits for clients, they first and foremost pay attention to their body type. Some will even have a questionnaire to figure out what areas of their body they like to accentuate. We don’t have a stylist but here a few tips are below:

    ·         Pear-Shaped: To show off your curves, focus on cinching the waist with an A-line design that flares at the bottom.

    ·         Apple-Shaped: An A-line style with a gradual flow from the waist to the legs is always flattering. This shape is also great for a dress with textureand/or a deep V-neck.

    ·        Busty:Scoop and sweetheart necklines offer support and open up the décolletage so the focus is on the face rather than the bust.

    ·         Small Chest:Look for textured or ruched styles to create fullness in the chest area.

    ·        Plus Size:Engagement photos featuring an empire-waist dress. They can be flattering and emphasize the smallest portion under the bust, creating the effect of a slender silhouette from top to bottom.

    9. Have a look at your old photos on social media.

    Take a trip down memory lane and browse through old photos of you and your partner together, as well as individually. Look for the best parts of those pictures (perhaps it's a pose you love or a gorgeous backdrop), and create a mood board on Pinterestto start planning the direction of your engagement shoot. Seeing photos will help see what you like and what you like and will help give you some guidance for your engagement photography session.

    12. Make Use of the Season

    Bikinis don't work for a winter engagement shoot, and vice versa, of course. Take advantage of the season you're in and create an on-theme outfit.

    ·         Winter and Autum:Don't be afraid to bundle up. Wear your favorite jeans and layer cozy knits, or a scarf, grab a bright winter coat. Winter accessories can be look great. Plus, it makes more sense visually to be dressed for winter if you're being photographed in the middle of winter in Toowoomba. Photography sessions downtown can be awesome. Toowoomba has some great lights will add some beautiful bokeh [out-of-focus, blurry light spots] in the background. Paired with a chic winter outfit, an urban setting can really highlight the season.

    ·         Summer and Spring:Wondering what to wear for engagement pictures in warmer weather? Bring summer vibes to life by going barefoot and sharing a cone in sandals and shorts with your fiancé.  Try a outfit with a statement necklace, or a summer dress with a denim jacket for a sweet look. As for spring, you've got flowers in bloom and love in the air; you can't go wrong with subtle floral prints and pastel hues.

    Check their slide here

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    I dont normally read trashy gossip magazines but recently read a story in TV WEEK and I thought ‘WOW’  TV WEEK is still going in our digital age. Anyway, the story was about Sarah Roberts  and how last year, her life was completely different. The actress had just moved to Sydney from Melbourne and made her debut in Home And Away. I thought about how so much can change in year.
    Sarah Roberts said she met the man of her dreams on the sands of Summer Bay in the form of her H&A co-star James Stewart. I also thought ‘that’s a bit glamourous’.
    Being a wedding photographer in Toowoomba I am a long way from summer bay you could say it’s a ‘flamin’ long way.

    When I photographed Kieran and Jasmyne for their engagement session. I noticed how much these two people really are in love and are so excited to start sharing their lives.
    They have both lived in various locations all over Australia but love the bush; so a rural location was the best choice to reflect who they are and where they spend their time.

    While most new couples are quick to profess their love in public, Jasmyne and Keiran, opted for a low profile location for engagement session. But Jasmyne and Kieran are also quite open to public displays of affection.   

    The location that we used reflected who they are. The Oakey Meringandan road is a quiet road that is just outside Toowoomba. There are open paddocks are creek which is lined by big gums trees. It is a location that is private and where we could have fun and they can be relaxed without feeling they are on display in the view of the public.

    I had to be mindful of time during this session. They were about to move towns and going to start their new lives after they had finished their engagement session. They were still keen to have their engagement even though they had a four drive ahead of them.

    We did talk about their wedding and where they are thinking of have their wedding. One location they talked about was the sunshine coast. I have photographed a lot of weddings there and it is a gorgeous place to get married but when you live 4 hours outside Toowoomba and another two and a half drive on top of that can make it a little awkward to plan a wedding.

    Since they have a outdoor lifestyle I did suggested was Columboola Country which is located Ryalls Rd Miles Queensland 4415 Australia. Ph/Fax: 07 4665 8293. This isn’t a paid add. But they have a great range of accommodation options at Columboola Country. Cabins, cottages, caravan and camping facilities are all on offer for our guests. Fishing & crayfishing are available at your door in our large natural "rockhole" lagoon. They have wedding ceremonies overlooking the lagoon. Many guests like to relax by wetting a line, and there are plenty of fish and crayfish to be found in the rockhole or other nearby waterways.

    Pets are welcome at Columboola Country. Dogs are not the only companions our guests bring with them on holiday. Those with horses are also welcome, as they have well-built stables available for your animals. The stables make a great spot for wedding photos for couples who love their horses.

    Columboola Country is ideally located for the traveling holiday maker. They are a four-comfortable drive west of Brisbane, just off the main Warrego Highway. We are also only two hours north of Goondiwindi, which is the major inland crossing point between Queensland and NSW.

    In this country setting they can ready for their wedding and have the ceremony and reception all in one place. It also has the added advantage of guests can stay and not have to drive after attending the wedding reception.

    One thing they did say their wedding "We just wanted to keep things special between us." Which I always feel is a important to keep in mind when planning a wedding.  

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