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Luke & Taylah Maree

How much in love are these guys. This is what made their photography session so much fun. We did this shoot very late in the afternoon and into the early evening. Not only did we have great light but Queens Park Toowoomba has lots of lights at night. I feel it gives the place a Paris feel. The local Cobb & Co Museum has beautiful lights at night as well. This gave us endless choices of locations we could even use the same location twice but night it has totally different feel. It was a shoot with lots of creativity and collaboration and everyone had fun and Luke was happy because he didn't have to smile. Which made him smile and have fun. Check out their YouTube slideshow.

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Brett & Rebecca

Brett and Rebecca

Over spring I have been doing so many engagement shoots. They are really becoming very popular. Here is one did in September in Queens Park Toowoomba.

The lovely couple are Brett and Rebecca. I met this couple at the Highfeilds Wedding Expo which is hosted by Event Illusionsa local wedding hire company which based here in Toowoomba. Queens Park is always poplar with young couples its located in the middle of Toowoomba, so its always easy to find a car park. We did this session a week before Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers which is major tourist event here in Toowoomba. The Toowoomba Regional Council do a awesome job with all parks and gardens. The late afternoon light always makes for beautiful photos. It was great to see it was a couple shoot, even though they had a beautiful daughter, wo did manage to sneak in and steal the attention. It was great that they focused on them as couple. Of course it was relaxed and we had lots of fun. Its exactly one today until they get married. You can be me via email

Here is their YouTube slideshow.

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Dave & Belinda

Cooby Dam Engagement Shoot

Hey this is engagement shoot I did at Cooby Dam for Dave & Belinda. Cooby Dam is located just 15mins outside Toowoomba. We chose Cooby Dam because it has so many locations within walking distance. We used the dam wall, bush walks and evne industrial looks. Cooby Dam has been here for over 60 years and old pump houses which also provides even more locations. Just as side note Cooby Dam was the location of the lunar radio receiver for the first lunar landing in 1969. We did the engagement shoot in late the late afternoon for the soft light. I am really pleased with this engagement Dave & Belinda are such a great they trusted me when I had an idea. These 2 are so glamourous some of their photos could easily be a add for a jeans company. I did a YouTube slideshow for them so they can share with their friends on their smart or on their computers.

Check it out  Thier YouTube Slide Show 

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50th Anniversary Hey,

Here is a special family photography for a 50th anniversary I did at Hodgson Vale 10 mins out of Toowoomba. All the generations came together to celebrate this very special occasion. It was great to cover this event I was only there for an hour as we didn't want to interrupt the follow the day. After lunch we started and managed to get all the kids Mums Dads Uncles and Aunts. Not a bad effort for such a short time.

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Leslie & Mel

Jack & Sarah

Its been the season of engagement photography shoots. I like doing engagement shoot its great to really meet the excited couple. We also get know each other I get to see them interact in a casual environment with no pressure of the wedding day. Engagement is important because its the last time you will be photographed as individuals. Anyway this is Jack & Sarah and their engagement shoot. We went to Gatton's Apex Park where is a man made lake. Have lots of locations in one area is real luxury. Late afternoon is my favourite time to shoot. Jack is arborist and suffered a work place injury where a branch hit him in the face. It didn't slow home down to much and healed to make his big day. The kids came to session too. They were great and jumped in with Jack & Sarah, being a bit cheeky makes it easy too.

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Chris & Lilly

The University of Southern Queensland or U.S.Q. was the location for this engagement shoot. Lilly and Chris are the happy couple. Decided on U.S.Q.. because the Japanese Gardens is located beside U.S.Q.. Lilly has coloured ranking belts in 3 different martial disciplines and with martial arts being such a big part of her life the Japanese Gardens just seemed the logical choice. We also able to use some of cool architecture at make other fun photos too. Of course there is a YouTube slideshow.

Ron & Jill

This is a mid week wedding I covered at the Bunya Mountains National Park. This was such a  intermit  ceremony. This was the coming together of two people and  two families to become one.

Thea Doran

Hey, here is a before and after maternity shoot I did for Thea Doran. We did the session at Toowoomba Newton Park. It was made special that we could share it with her mum Melissa Doran. This is such a special time for mums and daughters because its experience most women experience and mums can provide the support and love they need because they have done it too.

Steve & Suzy

Hey, Here is a family shoot I did at East GreenMount. Winter light is so beautiful.

Toowoomba Downs Club

Hey, This is a wedding shoot I did for the Toowoomba Downs. This is promotional video is show that the Downs Club is the total wedding venue. You can have your ceremony, reception and wedding photos all in one location. It is a beautiful building and a icon of Toowoomba high society.


This is family shoot I did for Angela Mary Caird and her little man. We did it at Angela family property just outside of Toowoomba. Its such a nice simple shoot. We just went out in their back yard and they just hung out with each other. Its hard to find time just to be together but Angela will have these photos for

Applebom Beauty, Hair & Wellbeing

This is a personal project I did with Courtz Baker at Applebom Beauty, Hair Wellbeing at Toowoomba. We shot this in the salon against a clean wall. It was a fun afternoon with lots playing and experimenting.

22 James St, Rangeville QLD 4350 (07) 4613 0065


This is a corporate event I covered for Schiavello Systems (QLD) Pty Ltd 265 Coronation Drive Milton Queensland 4064 T +61 7 3368 3388 F 07 3876 2130 It was launch to celebrate their partnership with bene, These are 2 exceptional companies that are involved in construction, construction and design. They showed off their new range of office furniture. This furniture was so cool and well worth a look.    

Cake Smash

This was a great shoot. Koral the little mans mum built a set in her back yard for this cake smash. We put him in the back yard with a cake and let him have a great time celebrating his first birthday. He even had a bath in the back yard to wash off the excess cake. It made for great photos and very practical as well. So much fun.

Engagement Shoot

This is a engagement shoot that I did at The Japanese Gardens which beside U.S.Q. in Toowoomba. Dennis and Tyanna wanted their kids included as well. That made it lots of fun they brought Tyanna's parents to watch the kids but the temptation to include the grandparents was too much. It was great to photograph 3 generations. the kids were super cute and heaps of fun.  

Dennis & Tyanna

Here is Dennis & Tyanna's  wedding. It was a surprise wedding, they told their guests that it was a engagement party and naming day. They had the ceremony and reception at the Crows Nest Golf Club. It was the place location for wedding photos it was so beautiful and Tyanna's mum has strong connection to the golf. It was so friendly and relaxed and lots of fun too.  

Engagement Shoot

This was such a great location but Garnet Lehmann Park has been redeveloped. It was the last time I was able to a shoot at the park. I would describe the par like a Disney forest. Lots of trees but with well cut grass.

Downs Club Toowoomba

This is a  reception setup I photographer at the Downs Club. The downs club provides the best silver service, quality food and wine and a uniquely romantic setting for wedding receptions with a maximum capacity for 110 dining and 180 for cocktails. Add a marquee to the flat garden area and that capacity increases to 160 for silver service banqueting and 250 for cocktails. The historic late Victorian club house constructed in 1889 is a wonderful setting for wedding photos, instantly establishing an elegant mood.

Pet Photography

I was out working with a model and when the shoot finished I met Clhoe and Mel. It was just a lot of mucking around but it was a opportunity I couldn't pass up. Greyhounds have been getting some bad publicity but this was a great dog.